Leap of Faith

Egypt Luxury Discovery & Adventure Tours

Does your unfolding Heart beckon you
to take a “Leap of Faith”?

Is Ancient Egypt calling to you
to reconnect to your authentic self?

Then come with me on my next Tour of Egypt
where you will be forever changed as your heart is awakened
to the Magic and Mystery that is Egypt.

Come with me on a pilgrimage through Egypt and
immerse yourself in the energy of the Sacred Temples.

You will experience ceremonies, sacred sounds
and integration of powerful energies as you align
your Heart with your Soul.

Egypt calls... Return... Reconnect... Remember

Throughout the ancient history of Egypt the ancient Egyptians were teaching and preaching the following:

There is only one God, Creator of the Universe

There is only one language, Language of Love

There is only one religion, Religion of the Heart

Your Guides...

"Let us take you on a journey like no other as Ahmed and Christine show you Egypt through their hearts.

It is not what we say, nor what we do, but how we make you feel on tour that sets us apart from all other tours.

Thank you to all who tour with us.

Your laughter and "lets go with the flow attitude" makes the tours so much fun.

Ahmed and I love showing you Egypt through our eyes and hope you feel the warmth and the amazing energy that Egypt and her people have to offer.

You are now part of the Leap of Faith family and will always be in our hearts whenever we are on tour.

May the magic of Egypt that touched you continue to unfold."

What People have said...

Christine and Ahmed both strive to make everyone’s trip a special experience. Genuine care and compassion is evident from the beginning of the tour even in the lead up prep at home. I love that we were given a good amount of down time which was important after some very intense experiences at temples etc.

It is evident that much time, care and planning goes into every detail of this incredible tour and our comfort was top priority. -Carmel

Adventure and Pure Luxury: I never thought I would go to Egypt. I had all the excuses in the world. I couldn't afford it! I couldn't take the time off work! It wasn’t even on my top ten places to see list. I had no intentions of going and with the deadline fast approaching I woke up to (well why not? It would be nice).

My excuses were all they were and as soon as I made that first deposit, I never looked back. Soon enough I was off to an exotic land that was only ever in the movies for me. Every day was a first and every moment full of charm. What an honour to be in such a place with its romantic spirit. It was a leap of faith for me, not in my wildest dreams. I felt as free and beautiful as a butterfly and fell in love with my eyes wide open. Egypt makes you feel at home, like you belong and my life will never be the same again. I never thought I would go to Egypt but I thank myself that I did.

Christine takes great pride in her "LEAP OF FAITH" tours, it offered me a very personal experience with the trust and safety of a small group. Combining perfectly the experience of adventure and pure luxury, while challenging the spirit. Six months on and I am still being challenged by Egypt. Do it for yourself, Victoria.

We don't just SHOW you Egypt, we CONNECT you with Egypt!

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