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Join me on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and adventure through Egypt. Be immersed in mystery, magic, symbolism and spirituality.

Experience Egypt and enjoy private ceremonies and meditations in some of the most amazing locations on the planet.

Spiritual Explorers Tours Highlights…

Great Pyramid & The Sphinx
Enjoy the Great Pyramid and the majestic Sphinx.
Some of the greatest wonders of the world today.
Sakkara - Djoser's Step Pyramid
Sakkara was the royal buriel site of ancient Memphis. We will explore the Step Pyramid and the immense funerary complex at Djoser's Step Pyramid.
Abu Simbel
Experience the magic and mystery of the temples at Abu Simbel. Carved deep into a solid cliff-face the sun temple of Ramses II and the Temple of Hathor served as a spiritual centre in ancient Nubia.
Philae -Temple of Isis
The mystical and feminine aura permeating this temple is breathtaking. We will visit the inner sanctuary where we will immerse ourselves in the feminine and transcendent energy of Isis.
Kom Ombo Temple
This famous healing temple has many hidden chambers and sanctuaries. You will discover the dual nature of this temple. One side dedicated to Horus, god of light and the other to Sobek, god of chaos and destruction.
Temple of Horus- Edfu
This temple is one of the most well preserved monuments of its kind, with its origins estimated to be from the Old Kingdom period.
Explore Abydos and experience the magnificent Temple of the god Osiris and the Dendera Temple of goddess Hathor. It is at the Osirion Temple where the ancient Flower of Life symbol can be seen.
Luxor Temple
One of the grand constructions of ancient Egypt, Luxor Temple is dedicated to the great god Amun. The prime purpose of the Temple was to host the Festival of Opet.
Temple of Karnak
One of the largest and most impressive temple sites in Egypt. The main sanctuary is devoted to the worship of Amen-Ra, the personification of the hidden and unknown creative power. There are many smaller temples, including Sekmet's Chapel and a Sacred Lake.
Valley of the Kings
Located opposite Thebes within Deir el-Bahri, this New Kingdom site was the burial ground for many ancient kings and their relatives and important officials. This is also the location of the tomb of Tutankhamun, arguably one of the most famous tombs discovered due to it being completely intact.
Mortuary Temple - Deir el-Bahri
This temple contains many important innovations for ancient Egyptian architecture, and belongs to Hatshepsut, the famous female pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. Built into the cliffs of Deir el-Bahri, the limestone temple has been well preserved, and consists of three levels, with the walls of each level showing significant scenes from the queen’s reign.

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