Christine Reid - Tour Leader

Christine is a Meditation Facilitator and Certified Angel Intuitive with Advanced Training from Doreen Virtue. She holds a Diploma in Crystal Therapy, Certificate in Reiki/Seichem, Flower of Life and Colour Therapy and she is also a qualified Liquid Crystal Mineral Therapy Practitioner.

Christine leads metaphysical group tours to Egypt exploring the ancient temples and pyramids as well as discovering the magic and stillness of the Egyptian desert including the Siwa Oasis, Crystal Desert and the White and Black deserts. She has participated in shamanic ceremonies with Hunbatz Men and a Lacadonian shaman in the jungles of Mexico and has travelled to Uluru and Arnhem Land to learn from the indigenous elders there.

She is based in Sydney and can be contacted at her Crystal Shop where she conducts regular meditations and guidance sessions.


Ahmed Farid - Egyptologist

We are honoured to have as our Egyptian Tour Guide a 6th generation Egyptologist. Ahmed was born in a small village that lay within the vicinity of the Sphinx, his playground was in and around the Great Pyramid. He learned about the history, traditions and spirituality of Egypt from many generations of family elders and is highly respected in his chosen field of work, with strong local connections in the tour industry. He loves to share his wealth of knowledge about Egypt’s history and culture and offers tour members the opportunity to experience Egypt through his heartfelt love for his country. The insights, personal experiences and many profound moments that will present on tour will have a long lasting effect.

"Greetings From the Land of Power and Magic To Leap Of Faith Travelers :) This is my message to all those who are looking forward to join our Tours: As a freelancer Egyptologist I work for many Travel Agencies therefore you may come across my name as an Egyptologist featured on several websites of Travel Agencies. With Leap Of Faith I am the Egyptologist, and my priority and commitments are to Leap of Faith where I can freely shift and reschedule visits according to our clients desires. With other agencies this is not allowed because it's the agency's decision not mine." ~ Sincerely, Ahmed Farid.

Mr Farid Al Fayed
We are honoured to have MR. FARID AL FAYED as part of our team. Egypt’s history and spirituality have been passed down in his family from father to son for five generations and now he shares his extensive knowledge and wisdom with his sons.

How "Leap of Faith" began...

When I first visited Egypt I was overwhelmed by the experience and the energies I felt . As I toured the Temples my connection with Egypt  strengthened, watching the large groups standing at the monuments listening to all the historical facts, I spoke about my wish to show people Egypt, not by filling their heads with lots of facts but to show them Egypt how I saw it, through my heart.

To take them to the temples and give them time to wander and maybe connect with memories from the past, to provide private access and open closed doors. To take care of the day to day arrangements so they are free to experience what is offered each day, to feel the real essence of Egypt. To give people the opportunity to let go and immerse themselves in the energies of Egypt. To provide a 5 Star deluxe experience with a sense of adventure.

To not only see the temples and the pyramids but to take the time to listen to the whisper of the stones and reconnect with themselves.

To take people  to experience the taste of real Egyptian food. And while sitting in a cafe near the Sphinx sipping a  Turkish coffee   “Leap of Faith” was born! Now it is time for a rebirth of sorts as I contiue on my journey of exploration to the many magical spiritual place on this planet. I have been guided to take people to Uluru and Peru as well as Egypt as so a new adventure and a new name is born . Welcome to Spiritual Explorers Tours , for those that want to discover their connection to these places while being part of a magical tour.


For to take a “Leap of Faith” is to step off and let go
of fear and control, to trust in the universe.

For it is when we let go we discover anything is possible.


We don't just SHOW you Egypt, we CONNECT you with Egypt!

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